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Cross-strait pact opens up cargo routes November 13th

Released in:2015/9/1 9:36:52       

Top officials from Taiwan and the mainland have signed deals on daily direct flights and new cargo routes as well as direct ocean traffic between the two.

Chen Yunlin, negotiating for the mainland, also said he aimed to normalise financial ties with Taiwan despite the global financial crisis.

The two sides agreed to begin direct air and sea cargo shipments, open postal links and notify each other quickly of any food safety issues.

Negotiators agreed to allow 60 cargo flights a month, the first time that goods will be able to travel non-stop between Taiwan and the mainland.

The mainland will open 63 ports for direct shipping links, while Taiwan will open 11 ports.

Meanwhile, shipping and ports operator China Cosco Holdings has suggested that Taiwanese and mainland shipping companies be allowed to invest in pier and logistics centres on either side of the Taiwan Strait to boost cooperation between the two sides.

The suggestion was made by China Cosco’s executive vice- president, Xu Lirong, who attended a closed-door industry forum held after Taiwan and and the mainland had signed the deal to boost transport links.

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