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Dear customers:

Thank you for choosing day Sinotrans flow as your supplier, it is you as in the past day Sinotrans and support the efforts of the staff, only a daySinotrans development today! Day Sinotrans has been in the domestic and foreign various ports have their own strong, robust agent network, can provide a full range of international logistics service and operation for our customers.

Chinese is the factory of the world determines the huge market Chineseexports, China population accounts for about 1/4 of the world's population,determines the China has a huge consumer groups, the potential huge market share of imported self-evident.

More and more Multi-National Corporation are poured into the China, and all things flow cannot do without logistics, so the logistics demand is huge, itis full of opportunities for day Sinotrans development.

We will lead the day Sinotrans staff ready and put into action, the provision of logistics services and the best for our customers, enabling customers togive full play to the logistics capabilities, reduce the logistics cost, shorten cycle, improve service, so as to let the customer's products in the international market more competitive.

Customers would like to think, urgent customer's urgency, day Sinotransstaff will always think from the customer's point of view to deal with each batch of goods for customers. Customer first is the value of day Sinotransevery employee's view, we believe that customers grow up we will grow, weday Sinotrans Group will together with the customer growth, progress!Customer satisfaction is our goal!

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