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China: new rule for 24 hour advance manifest

Released in:2016/8/1 9:32:12       

China plans to impose new rules governing entry of cargo, a move that could raise the cost of Indian exports to that country. All cargo bound for China will be subject to the 24 hours advance manifest rule.

In shipping terminology a manifest is a document that lists all cargo carried on a specific vessel.

According to the new regulation, carriers undertaking shipments to China must submit manifest details to Chinese customs 24 hours before a ship arrives at the port of loading anywhere in the world.


Steel Guru reported that a trade notice issued to customers by Chinese shipping firm Cosco Container Lines said ‘Upon screening of manifest data received, the Chinese customs will advise back to the carrier whether or not the cargo can be allowed into China. Only if customs feedback/response is positive, cargo will be accepted on board a ship. Under no circumstance, the carrier will be allowed to load cargo on board if manifest filing is rejected by Chinese customs.’

The new regulation will have a significant impact on the way shipping lines and customers handle their documentation and operations for shipments bound for China.

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